Logline :
Picturing a highway rest stop, this documentary traces out the portrait of Europe today.
Summary :
This film traces out the portrait of a motorway rest area located in the countryside in the North of France. It looks like a dream, filled with the whispers thoughts and the lives of those who work here, as well as those who are just passing through. It is also a very concrete place, a perfect spot to observe today’s Europe, the violence carried by the free competition of a single market, the nostalgia carried by uprooted lives, and all the solitude engendered by our modern world.
European Film Meetings. Competition. (Brive, France) April 2016 .
Rencontres de Cinémaginaire. (Argelès-sur-Mer, France). May 15th, 2016
Festival de l’Acharnière (Lille, France). May 28th, 2016
Ciné-Club de l’EHESS et l’ENS (Paris, France). June 20th, 2016
Rencontres Documentaires de Mellionnec (Mellionnec, France). June 25th, 2016,
Salento International Film Festival (Tricase, Salento, Italy). September 5th, 2016,
Duhok International Film Festival, (Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan). September 9th, 2016,
International Ethnographic Film Festival of Recife (Brazil). September 15th, 2016,
Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival (Hong Kong). September 25th, 2016,
Festival Images Mouvementées (Paris, France). October, 1st, 2016
Les rendez-vous de l’histoire (Blois, France). October 9th, 2016
BudaFest – Budapest Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary). November 15th, 2016
Mois du Documentaire ( Verneuil-sur-Avre, France). November 19th, 2016
Cinémathèque of Corsica (Porto Vecchio, Corsica). November 23th, 2016
This Human World (Wien, Austria). December 1st, 2016
Delhi International Film Festival (New Delhi, India). December 8th, 2016
Festival IntimaLente – Festival of Visual Ethnography (Caserta, Italy). December 15th, 2016
Nunes International Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain). December 15th, 2016,
Café La Commune Libre d’Aligre (Paris). January 19th 2017,
Rencontres du CCPPO (Besançon, France). January 21st 2017,
International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec (Canada). March 25th 2017,
Festival You, Me & Co / Festival Toi, Moi & Co (Paris, péniche Antipode). March 26th, 2017,
SIEF International Congress (Göttingen, Germany). March 28th 2017,
Rebel Reels / Bobines Rebelles (Liévin, France). April 8th 2017,
StarDoc international Film Festival! (Los Angeles, USA). April 9th 2017,
Ethnografilm (Paris, France). April 12th 2017,
ETNOFilm (Rovinj International Ethnographic Film Festival), (Croatia). April 29th 2017,
Riga Pasaules Film Festival – Visula Anthropology (Riga, Latva). April 30th 2017,
Festival Internazional del cine documentario « Marcellino de Baggis » (Taranto, Italy). 4-7 May 2017,
Festival Night of the Militant Films (Lyon, France). Mai 12th 2017,
Construir Cine – International Labor Film Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina). May 2017,
Finnish Anthropological Society Conference (Jyväskylä, Findland). May 23rd 2017,
Epacine – Festival Internacional de Cine independiente de El Palomar (Buenos Aires, Argentina). May 28th 2017,
DocuXixón (Gijón, Spain). June 2nd 2017,
Rencontres de Laignes (Laignes, France). July 12th, 2017,
Durban International Film festival (Durban, South Africa). 13-23 July, 2017,
International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra (Ierapetra, Greece) August 8th, 2017
MARFICI (Festival de Cine independiente de Mar de la Plata). (Argentina). 5-12 August 2017,
Mediterranean Film Festival (Široki Brijeg, Bosnia-Herzegovia, August 23-26, 2017),
Rencontres AD HOC. (Mirabel et Blacons, France). Sept 8, 2017,
LabexWeek Futurs Urbains. Sept 15 at 2:30 pm 2017,
Semana Internacional de Cine de Autor de Lugo (Lugo, Galicia, Spain). Sept. 2017,
Muestra Internacional de Cine y Ciudad (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Sept 28 – Oct 1st 2017,
Apricot Tree International Documentary Film Festival (Armenia, Oct 1-5 2017),
Byron Bay Film Festival (Australia). Oct 8-15, 2017,
Cabo Verde International Film Festival (CVIFF) (Island of Sal, Cabo Verde). Oct 11, 2017,
Encuentros Cinemistica (Granada, Spain) Nov 2 – Dec 2 2017,
Festival Interférences (Lyon, France). Nov 9, 2017 at 1:30 pm,
Docs en Goguette (Messey sur Grosne, France). Nov.16, 2017 at 8.30pm,
The Exile Film Festival (Sweden) Saturday Nov 18th, 2017,
Athens Ethnographic Film Festival (Greece) Nov 23-27, 2017,
Festival International du Cinéma Numérique de Cotonou (Benin). Dec. 6-8, 2017,
Mumbai Film Festival (India) Dec 6-10, 2017,
Chennai International Documentary and Short Film Festival (India).15-19 April 2018,
German International Ethnographic Film Festival. May 12th 2018 (Koblenz, Germany).
Awards & mentions:
L’Acharnière Award at the festival de l’Acharnière (Lille, France, May 2016),
René Vautier Award at the festival de l’Acharnière (Lille, France, May 2016),
Best Documentary at the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2016,
Mention for the Ethnographic section at the Festival IntimaLente (Caserta, Italy, December 2016),
Best Documentary at the Nunes International Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain, Decembre 2016),
Audience Award at the StarDoc international Film Festival! (Los Angeles, USA, April 9th 2017),
2nd Best Doc at Construircine (Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2017).
They talk about the film:
Jean-Pierre Carrier : A comme autoroute
Virginie Megglé dans Psychanalyse en mouvement
Jean-Philippe Cazier : Diacritk
Nicolas Bogaerts : Roaditude

Jean-Pierre Carrier : E comme entretien
Pierre Ménard : La fiction est cet espace miraculeux où tout est permis
AIRE_LOGO_FRANCE_CUL100x100_72dpi interview of Isabelle Ingold (director) from 98 minutes
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download this picture in 300 dpi
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download this picture in 300 dpi
download this picture in 300 dpi
a film by Isabelle Ingold
Country of production : France
Format : 16/9 (1.78)
Shooting camera: Canon C100 (HD – 25p)
Spoken languages: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.
Subtitles  available: English, French, Italian & Spanish.
Available on DCP (smpte) in French, or English or Spanish or in Blu-Ray in the same 3 languages.
Director: Isabelle INGOLD
Productor: Delphine SCHMIT
Associated producer: Gaëlle JONES
Cinematographers: Vivianne PERELMUTER & Isabelle INGOLD
Production sound: Antoine CORBIN & Benjamin BOBER
Musics: Romain KRONENBERG / Patrick LERCHMUELLER & Nicolas PUAUX
Editors: Bruno BARBAY & François SCULIER
Sound editor: Jocelyn ROBERT
Re-recording Mixer: Simon LEBEL
Color grading: Nicolas STRASEELE
After Effects: Christine LAURAIN
Production assistants: Yasmina TAMER & Alexy GRZELAK
Financing: France Télévisions, la Région Picardie en partenariat avec le CNC,
the CNC, the grant « Brouillon d’un rêve » from La Scam.
Production compagny : Perspective Films (Paris, France).
AIRE_AFFICHE_ENG_170404_vignette AIRE_AFFICHE_FR_170404_vignette   AIRE_AFFICHE_ESP_170404_vignette
Poster in English in 300 dpi         Poster in French in 300 dpi          Poster in Spanish in 300 dpi


Trailer in English
Trailer in French